Friday, February 17, 2017

The Mother's Milk of Medicine and a Fatalistic Forecast of the Future

Like millions of people, lately, I've been thinking a lot about health care.  Among other things, I have hypothyroidism, clinical depression, asthma, and joint issues. Once upon a time, these were viewed as pre-existing conditions, even though they are all treatable and very minor in comparison to other health issues.  Hell, I remember that we changed jobs mid pregnancy with one of my 3 kids and we were told that my PREGNANCY was considered a pre-existing condition. At the time of writing, pre-existing conditions no longer exist. We all know that under Agent Orange's 4-year term, this won't last.
Right now I'm battling a horrible case of bronchitis. Horrible in that it won't go away and leave me alone, after 6 weeks of bugging me.
I'm 75% mobile, as long as I am not up and about more than a few hours at a time, I don't get light-headed or cough so much I pee my pants.
My normal stuff + temp bronchitis stuff.
I already have a hard time affording my asthma meds (thanks, pharmaceutical companies). What's going to happen when I can't afford my depression medication? It took a long time of really difficult trial-and-error to get this cocktail of pills right. I finally feel like a normal human most of the time. If I can't afford a key component, or can't afford to see the specialist that helps me control my medication, what then?
As much as I  hate to admit it, these pills have become a sort of mother's milk to me.
I would love love love to not have to take thyroid pills and then not feel like sleeping for 18 hours a day. Yes, I'm working on doing what I can with diet and exercise but sometimes when your body doesn't make the right mix of chemicals, it needs help, and lately my internal chemist has needed a lot of help.
This post is 100% selfish. It's all about me-me-me. I realize this is the problem so many people don't understand the health care issues. They are healthy and don't need the teet of doctors or the milk of pills they provide. Well, I do. And I am scared shitless about what is going to happen when I don't have adequate access.
Do you know someone with asthma? With cancer? With depression? With ALS? With a sick child? With RA? Ailing parents? We all do.
I was once young and immortal. I was going to be healthy and playing soccer til I was 90. I'm still pretty healthy compared to many and I am THANKFUL for what I have, but I am now a middle-aged realist and I am scared about the future.

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